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I'm a third year PhD candidate in the Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization department at Georgia Tech. My main interests are on the intersection between convex geometry and algebraic geometry. Of recent interest to me are sums-of-squares type problems in algebra, and stable polynomials which appear in convex optimization. I am advised by Greg Blekherman.

I did my undergraduate education at Caltech in mathematics and computer science. In addition to mathematics, I also make computers do things (like rendering this website here), crocheting and rock climbing.

I am trying to write a blog to keep me honest about what I've been reading/thinking about. Check it out here.

I do have a github, but it is not very well curated. That is also where this website is hosted.


Kevin Shu
Grigoriy Blekherman, Santanu S. Dey, Kevin Shu, Shengding Sun
Accepted by the SIAM Journal for Optimization, October 2021
Grigoriy Blekherman, Kevin Shu
Accepted by the SIAM Journal for Applied Algebra and Geometry, June 2021
Matilde Marcolli, Kevin Shu
Published in Mathematics in Computer Science, March 2017


Presented at the MIP and IPCO conferences in 2021.
Won honorable mentions in both poster competitions
Lightning Talk on Hyperbolic Relaxations of Locally Matrices.


The main content of the blog can be found here.

The first post on this blog is about this online fractal generator, an example of which is the following:


A PDF copy of my resumé can be found here.


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